Let me introduce you to my home. The place I was never able to live in or call my own. It was invaded, thrown off the map, but never defeated. As it lies in our hearts forever, no matter how much they say it got deleted. Palestine was and is its name until someone called it “Israel”, saying it’s the “same”. But really? Is it, when you are killing thousands of Moms, Dads, Brothers, Sisters and Friends? Breaking homes with endless ends. Children are dying on the streets, wanting a hand to grab them with aid. But as they look up, that hand starst to fade. Babies scream as they feel the intense pain of hunger. …, diseases that can lead to death. Losing another great human being who could’ve changed the world, but just took their last breath. Underaged children are getting arrested inhumanly for simply wanting to live peacefully in their own home country. “The world wants peace”, so they say. Then how come when it comes to Palestine they ignore and try to look another way. Ignoring those innocent lives that have been lost. All those broken homes, hearts can never be bought back. No matter the cost. Funny how the media only views the ones who protect their values as “the terrorists” and the ones who live to kill, invade and torture as the ones full of “innocence”. The media may choose to ignore values of situations they choose, but one thing that will never hide is the face of innocents and the truth. The day we stand together with the truth and finally agree is the day, the home of many, Palestine Will Be Free. Insha’Allah.” -Basma Elbahnasawy. | Palestinian children murdered: 14, 400. Children under 10 years old in prison/dangeons: 8, 000. Injuries: 50, 000. Illegal settlement Stolen Land/demolished homes: 15, 000. | Israeli children murdered: 20. Children under 10 years old in prison/dangeons: 0. Injuries: 0. Illegal settlement Stolen Land/demolished homes: 0. | Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSe0CoGLUYY [x]


Kairouan, Tunisia, 1899

الله، أنا تعبت من فقدان
أدعو لك بإرسال ملاكا أسفل
ليأتي ويغير مجرى حياتي حول

Allah, I am tired of losing,
I pray you send an angel down,
To come and change my life around.